Peter: The Disciple part 8c



Jesus’ Resurrection and Glory

I Peter 1:3, 4, 21; I Peter 3:21, 22; I Peter 4:11; I Peter 5:4; II Peter 1:11

Much of the book of I Peter is address to those that are suffering on account of Christ and encouraging us to keep our faith, giving us examples of how Christ would wish his followers to act.   Yet, this letter by Peter gives to his reader the assurance of mercy and hope.

Peter’s response to the suffering of his Christian readers is therefore twofold. First, he links their suffering to the suffering of Jesus (I Peter 2:20, 21; I Peter 4:12-16). Jesus’ suffering is significant because He died in our place so that we might live in righteousness. Second, Jesus suffering has particular significance because of who He is and because His death was followed by His resurrection.

Because Christ was raised from the dead, it is a guarantee that we also can be raised from the dead (I Corinthians 15:20, 21). Paul states it this way; “If Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.” Because Jesus has been raised from the dead, He has shown mercy and that there is a hope, because of Jesus’ suffering and death, Jesus has been raised from the dead, he has shown his power over death. He has shown His power to conquer death.

What a wonderful promise that through Christ’s suffering and death, that those who are victorious over sin will have the hope of resurrection and life eternal with Christ, their Lord and Saviour.

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