Peter: The Disciple part 11c

false TeachersThere Will Be Scoffers and Other False Teachings

There will also arise scoffers asking; “Where is the promise of His coming.” It is clear that in Peter’s time these teachers asking where is the second coming of Christ were already spreading their teachings of doubt and corruption. These are most likely the teachers Peter is referring to in chapter two of second Peter. They claimed, Jesus is not returning, therefore these behaviors that you are attempting to achieve to please Him are useless, therefore eat, drink and be merry.

Peter also warns us that there will be those that read the letters of Paul and will misapply them (II Peter 3:15, 16). “Are the false teachers reading Paul in a way the leads to lawlessness,” those that feel Paul was stating that the law was done away with never more to be followed were spreading the concept of cheap grace a teaching that is still among us today.

Please, do not misunderstand. I am by no means saying we are saved by the law. We are most assuredly saved by Christ Righteousness through grace, through our faith in accepting Christ’s atoning sacrifice. It is because we love Christ for the sacrifice he made for us, that we want to keep his commandments. Not out of duty but out of love.

A husband remains faithful to his wife, not out of duty, but because he loves her and her him. It has been my experience that when a husband or wife attempts to remain faithful out of duty, that they eventually will fail and fall to the temptation and have an affair. But when I love my wife and am truly devoted to her, then the temptation for another has no power, because I am truly satisfied by the love that is reciprocated by her. Because I love her, I want to honor her by remaining faithful to her because I love her.

Peter is very concerned that in his day and in our day that there will be groups of false teachers that are denying Christ is God. Denying the Holy Spirit exists, and that Christ will return. They teach that we can live our life anyway we want because we are not subject to the law of love, which by the way is a reflection of the character of God. They teach that God’s grace is cheap, meaning there is no sacrifice on our part. Finally, that sexual immorality in any of its forms is acceptable for Christ wouldn’t want to deny us the pleasure of us doing our own will.

These teachers are leading some Christians into sinful behavior much like what had previously put behind them. Peter thinks the Christian of his day, and looking forward to our day, is in great danger of facing God’s punishing judgement when Jesus returns because they have followed the teachings of man, rather than the teaching of God.

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