Peter: The Disciple part 11f

false Teachers

Dangers of Turning Back

In II Peter 2:18 Peter is particularly concerned about the fate of those whom have accepted salvation and then are enticed by false teachers to return to their old ways of living. False teachers promise freedom. Satan promised Eve freedom saying that she would be like God if she partook of the fruit, but instead of being free, she and Adam became slaves of sin.

For Lot’s wife, who was on the path to salvation, the thought of what she was giving up was to much for her and she turned back with a longing look. It was then that salvation departed her.

When we accept salvation, God wants us to consider ourselves dead to our former life. What does that mean? It means that if we continue on the path of righteousness, we will consider our old desires and wants as dead, they will no longer have any power over us. But for some, there is a longing for this life that was lived before we accepted Christ. These false teachers tempted the believer into believing that they can live as they want today with no thought of the consequences. Lot’s wife is the perfect example of what happens when we fail to keep our eyes on Christ. What happens when we fail to keep our thoughts and hearts focused on salvation. Not that we fear the consequences, but because we love God and the prices that was paid for us, keeps our hearts, and eyes focused on Christ, which leads us on the Path to God’s throne.

Peter states there will be a special reward for those that temp others to live a life style contrary to God’s will. These false teachers are not leading people to a life of freedom, but to a life of slavery and destruction.

My friends, what is your desire? If it is your desire to life live with Christ, then why would we listen to anyone or anything that is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible.

Peter and all the disciples and apostles urges us, to study God’s word. But to not just study, but to prayerfully study God’s word so that our salvation may be sure. Amen

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