The Relevance of Romans for Twenty-first Century Christians part 2d

The Relevance of Romans for Twenty-first Century Christians

While some people might question the relevance of such Biblical books as Obadiah for living in today’s world, no one doubts the importance of Romans for their life. All of us are daily confronted by the problems of sin and guilt. And every Christian rejoices in the amazing grace of God who welcomes us in spite of ourselves.

In addition, Romans presents guiding principles for many of life’s most important activities in terms of living the Christian life and relating to other of different beliefs and or races and it even provides guidance for the role of government in our individual and corporate existence. And then, of course, there is the issue of hope and assurance that buoy us up and give us confidence throughout the ups and downs of life. Hope as certainty in the covenant God fulfilling His promises is at the center of Romans. And a life without hope is by definition “Hopeless.” Thus, it is not only true to say that Paul’s letter to the Romans is relevant but that its message is second to none in the Bible or elsewhere in importance for daily living in a complex and troubling world.

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