“Unsearchable Riches”

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“Unsearchable Riches”

Ephesians 3:8

“Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.”

A man and his wife went to an orphanage to see if they could arrange for the adoption of a child. The director planned an interview with one little boy who had captured their hearts. They fell in love with a little fellow but they didn’t tell him so. Instead, they told him of all they had to offer if he would come and be their boy. They had a new house and they would give him new clothes and buy him toys.

The boy listened to all they had to say and finally said, “If that is all you have to offer – just a new house and new clothes and toys like all the other kids have, – well I think I would just as soon stay here.”

The Woman exclaimed in surprise, “Why, what more would you want than what we have offered you?”

She was doubly surprised to hear his reply, “I just want someone to love me, that’s all.”

The incident illustrates what Jesus meant when He said man cannot live by bread alone. One cannot live on new houses or new toys. The greatest need of the human heart is love. The love of God – that is the heart of true riches. “the world is dying for a little bit of love.”

The story is told a little orphan girl who was adopted by a lovely woman who wanted to hear the patter of little feet and the laughter of little children. This little girls was delighted with her beautiful new home and she was too pleased to see the dainty dresses her new mother had made. The woman held her on her lap and taught to call her Mamma. Then she drew the child close to her heart and kissed her. The little girl, who had never known a mother’s love looked up through wondering eyes and asked, “Mamma, what is this?”

“My dear,” she said, “this is love!”

“oh”, cried the little girls, “if this is love, I want more of it.”

When we taste “the unsearchable riches” of Christ’s love we too want more of it.

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