8 comments on “Jews and Gentiles in God’s Plan Part 1

  1. I am truly sorry I did read it again and I did misunderstand the first time. I love how you write just a little long for me LOL. Forgive me PLEASE! You are correct in all as far as my poor knowledge understand. Thank you for answering me.
    Do you know DR Chuck Missler? please check him out on YouTube or khouse.org.
    You might find him interesting. He also is a Scholar like you,
    God Bless you and sorry!


  2. Dear brother, the Jewish people will always be the chosen one, not the Gentiles.
    I will try to find a passage that will validate what I am saying. I “know” the Bible in my heart and spirit some and I remember clearly reading about the Chosen one, Israel.
    The Church did NOT take the place of the Jewish people.I love your post but if I understood correctly I must disagree there.Your writings are inspiring and you write clearly. English IS my second language.
    Thank you,

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