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    • Hi Lana,
      The study of God’s character has led me to search the Scriptures more thoroughly and look at these hard verses that state that God is angry or wrathful. I have always been a person who takes Scripture literally and I certainly do not want to add to the Holy Word of God, but I also want to defend my God when possibly there is another interpretation for these words so frequently used. Exodus 4:14 is one of these verses stating that God was angry with Moses, so I looked up the Hebrew text and sure enough, there are a couple of different words that can be used in our language for this Hebrew word and one of them is longsuffering, also forbearing. I believe this fits the character of God more closely. I am not a Hebrew scholar by any means, just my opinion of who I believe God is.
      Kim Larsen
      Guest Contributor to The Bible In Your Hand

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      • Christ continually said that He came to show us the Father. See John 14:9; and John 12:45 as examples. We also read In Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8; and James 1:17 that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We all seem to say the God of the New Testament is loving and kind but say the opposite about the God of the Old Testament. Yet Jesus said, If you have seen me, you have seen the Father and if God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, then perhaps our understanding of what happened in the Old Testament has become distorted.
        We have words in the English language that are the same, with different meanings such as to, too, and two, and there and their, just to name a few simple ones. In Hebrew they had certain words as just one word, but based upon the context in which it was used changed the meaning of the one word. In Exodus 4:14 is an example. Looking at the surrounding story, God is giving evidence to Moses, that (1) He is God, (2) that God has faith in Moses that Moses can do, what he is asking. But Moses, despite all the evidence, continues making excuses. So, was God physically angry and may I remind ourselves that anger must be a character trait that God had to have had before the fall of Satan in order to have anger now. As the three texts above state, he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. And if God showed signs of anger before the fall of Satan, then Satan was correct in his assessment of God’s character, which we know from Christ coming to die for the remissions of our sins, couldn’t possibly be the case. Therefore we need to look at the alternative meanings for some of these instances when the word anger or angry are used. In this case Longsuffering fits the situation. If God was truly mad, then he would do away with Moses and start over finding another, but he didn’t.

        God recognized the human frailty of Moses and so God determined as Kim put it “to find a solution that would work for both parties.” Hope this helps answer your question.
        Pastor Lester


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