Let Your Light Shine

IMG_3798 (002)Let Your Light Shine

by Kim Larsen

Matthew 5:14-16; ”You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Jesus was addressing his disciples, as he was looking out at the multitudes from atop a mountain. . He wanted his disciples to continue his work when he would be gone. He knew that the world was in great need of light as it is still today. He used the object lesson of a lamp back then. As I thought about this in context of today, I came up with a few myself.

Christians can be different kinds of lights depending on the situation . My husband would be a trouble light. If you are in some tight spot, he would be the person to be there to help you out. He always has a helping hand to anyone along the way! I’m sorry to say that in my youth I used to get upset with him for stopping every time a car was pulled off alongside the road with the hood up. He uses his “light” to help those in need.

Some people are like Fog lights. They reach out to those who have lost their way and are searching for truth. These souls often are in a sea of doubt or despair. I have a dear friend that spends a lot of her time feeding and nurturing people with physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. She is a light to those souls.

Then there are beacons. People are drawn to beacons aren’t they? Not far from my home, there is a casino with a beacon that shines up through the darkness and puts an interesting light up into the sky. I know when I see it that I’m almost home! Pastors and evangelists are like beacons. They point the way! They shine into our lives to keep us going into the right direction! What would we do without our leaders sharing the Word of God with us? I’m thankful to God for pastors.

There are a couple of lights that we may not want to be… a Decorative light…. they are pretty, they draw attention, but they are not much good if you need to see something important. They also may not last very long and are thrown away when one light burns out. A bug light… attracts bugs! We certainly don’t want to be a Christian who attracts bugs, it’s a light but not a positive one. Misery loves company but not continually. I don’t think Jesus had this kind of lamp in mind.

Black lights are another light that may not be considered a good light. They can expose things that are hidden during daylight hours. I purchased one of these to see where my puppy had pitied on my carpet. Oh that was enlightening! We don’t want to be these types of lights sitting in judgment of others hidden faults. That is not our job as a Christian to point out other’s mistakes and bring them to account. Only God knows the heart of a human being, let’s leave that job to someone qualified to do it.

So, which light do you want to be? There are so many more to choose from. A warning light, a spotlight, a twinkle light, a headlight, a tail light, a flash light. They all serve a purpose and can be a benefit to a lost person. I think I would like to be a porch light. It’s always left on for someone coming home, No matter how long you’re away or how late it is, the light is always on. Jesus asked us to be light to the world in darkness. Let’s not neglect our duty. Find your light and let it shine!

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