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IMG_0556Welcome to The Bible In Your Hand.

My  name is Pastor Lester (pictured here with my wife) and I am an SDA Pastor serving the Northeastern District of Wyoming for the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. I am dedicated to spreading the good news of the Gospel and am a devoted husband and father of two wonderful girls.

God is love! Genesis chapters 1 and 2 is about a God that lovingly created a world and gave life to Adam and Eve. Genesis chapter 3 tells of how mankind threw it all away. For this they deserved death, but the Creator God had another plan. A plan that God spells out throughout the rest of the Bible. Sometimes He shouts it out with load trumpet blasts. Other times he whispers with the soft delicate whisper of love as a Groom whispers to His bride.

Century after century the drama has played out across the pages of history. Time after time, God has sent his messengers only to see them rejected and pursecuted . Yet through it all God has remained faithful. He administers justice with mercy. God truly is love!

This blog is dedicated to telling the Good News of the Gospel. The Good News of God’s love. On the tops of this page you will see different tabs to click on to see additional posts and inspirational messages.

I hope you will be as blessed reading them as I was in preparing them.

If you would like me to pray for you or would just like to contact me, please email me at the following email address:  pastor.lester.bentley@gmail.com Thank you.


Pastor Lester

Note: All scripture references in this website are from the New King James Version unless otherwise noted.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Pastor Lester,
    It was great reading your post on God’s Character.I”ve been studying the Character of God for some time now .I’ve been gettimg lots of opposition at my church (S.D.A)for believing that God doesn”t destroy.I believe God wants us to have a right conception of His Character and He is preparing people like you to continue to walk in the advancing light He has shown us.You can send me an email
    would like to keep in touch.fdurman76@gmail.com

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