Philemon: An Exploration Into Forgiveness and Reconciliation

maxresdefaultSome years back I was impressed to preach a sermon on Philemon.  I sat down to study the book then attempted to put pen to paper and nothing happened.  No words came. So I prayed and reread Philemon again, and once again no words appeared on the paper.

I attempted to start a different sermon when God said, no, I want you to preach on Philemon.  Again and again and again I prayed, read and prayed some more and reread Philemon again and again. Each time nothing came of it.  I do not exaggerate, for it must have been 30 times over three days that I read and prayed my way through Philemon.

I suddenly realized I had missed the point of the book and wrote a sermon with Philemon as the bases of the sermon without ever mentioning anything about Philemon or quoting a single text in Philemon.  The Title was called “Victory Over Slavery.”

About a year later I sat down and wrote out what I had attempted to so many times before and over the next few weeks we will explore together what I wrote on the book Philemon which is an exploration into forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Letter
The Problem of a Slave
The Final Word on Slaves Before We Begin
Philemon: The Letter, Dear Philemon
Philemon: The Letter, Dear Philemon 
Philemon: The Letter, Why Do You Run
Philemon: The Letter, Philemon’s Duty
Philemon: The Letter, The Appeal part I
Philemon: The Letter, The Appeal part II
Philemon: The Letter, God, Christ and Mankind

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