Biblical Mental and Emotional Health

If you aim for a joyful and balanced life and wish to have total health even in the imperfection of this world, follow Jesus’s suggestion, “Remain in Me and I will remain in you” John 15:4.

This little 13 part study is not a substitute for professional help.  If you need professional help, by all means get it.  Instead this is a quick study of the Biblical principle that are in the Bible to help give us a more balanced health, physically, emotionally, and Spiritually.

Lesson 1 Emotions
Part 1 Emotions
Part 2 Jesus’ Emotions

Lesson 2 Fear and Anxiety (will post January 13 and 14)
Part 1 Fear and Anxiety
Part 2 Devine Reassurance

Lesson 3 Stress (will post January 20 and 21)
Part 1 Stress
Part 2 Heaven’s Way to Manage Stress

Lesson 4 Relationships (will post January 27 and 28)
Part 1  Relationships
Part 2  Forgiveness