Adam and Eve, well Just Adam First

Welcome to Midweek Devotional.

A look at what is happened at creation.  What does Genesis chapters 1 and 2 say about the creation of man and humankind.  So we are going to take a quick look at the creation of the first man, Adam.  Next week we will look at Eve.  I hope you will enjoy watching.  Blessings,

Pastor Lester


Midweek Devotional a Brief Look at Creation

For us to truly understand why this earth is in the condition it is in, we first looked at what happened in heaven, and now we are looking at Creation.  The first three chapters of Genesis are the foundation upon which the rest of the Bible is based upon.  Our hope for today is outlined in chapter three.  But the first two chapters tell us about a wonderful, loving God, that created humankind because he longed to have a relationship with us.


Pastor Lester

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