Abraham, The Father of Us All

Romans 4:9-25 Verses 9-12 continue Paul’s treatment of Abraham. But whereas verses 1-8 argued that he was justified by faith rather than works, verses 9-12 shift the focus to the topic of the identity of the children of Abraham. We always need to remember that the apostle is dealing with warring church in Rome, dividedContinue reading “Abraham, The Father of Us All”

The Faith of Abraham, Father of Us all

Lesson 5 Romans 4:1-25 Paul so far has set before us his basic understanding of justification by faith in Romans 3:21-26. Paul had been very emphatic that justification by faith has been in effect, even during Old Testament times (Romans 3:21; Romans 1:2). Yet with all this he has not given any evidence to supportContinue reading “The Faith of Abraham, Father of Us all”