His Compassion

His Compassion He took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them. Mark 10:16. As Jesus ministers in the streets of the cities, mothers with their sick and dying little ones in their arms press through the throng, seeking to come within reach of His notice. Behold these mothers, pale,Continue reading “His Compassion”

Isaiah’s Wonderful Prophecy

Isaiah’s Wonderful Prophecy Revelation 18 clearly foretells the time when the glory of God’s character shall be revealed through His people as the final message to humanity. But is this just a message from the New Testament? Or does the Old Testament teach this same thing? Let’s look and see. I have often wished thatContinue reading “Isaiah’s Wonderful Prophecy”

What is Greatness?

Mark: According to Part 47 Mark 9:33-37 What is Greatness? It seems, from the time we are born until we eventually fall asleep in death, we are struggling to establish ourselves. The focus of our existence is usually, am I better than the person next to me. Oh, sure there are those like mother TeresaContinue reading “What is Greatness?”