Friday Sundown Worship: A Clean Heart Should Bring Rejoicing

A Clean Heart Should Bring Rejoicing. It is still summertime and there are parts of the country that have had more than their share of rain. Our prayers go up to heaven asking that God will be with all those that are suffering, whatever their circumstances are. David the Psalmist writes? “Purge me with hyssop,Continue reading “Friday Sundown Worship: A Clean Heart Should Bring Rejoicing”

Philemon: The Letter, Dear Philemon

Dear Philemon Paul the zealous evangelist, the untiring traveler, this was the person Philemon had known and was brought into Christian fellowship by, was now a prisoner in Rome and so begins his letter to Philemon: “Paul a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and Timothy our brother, to Philemon our beloved friend and fellow laborer, toContinue reading “Philemon: The Letter, Dear Philemon”