Mark: According to, The Baptism of the Servant

Part 4 Mark 1:9-11 The heading for this section in my Bible is the Baptism of the Servant. I find this quite fitting for the life of Christ and even his death upon the cross is all about Him being a faithful Servant 9 “It came to pass in those days . . ..” WhichContinue reading “Mark: According to, The Baptism of the Servant”

Mark: According To A Message With Simplicity

Mark: According To Part 3 Mark 1:6 “Now John was clothed with camel’s hair and with a leather girdle around his waist, and he ate locusts and wild honey.” In our last post, we did not fully develop the thought that was being expressed in this verse. So, let’s take a moment to go backContinue reading “Mark: According To A Message With Simplicity”

Mark: According to, The Town Crier

Mark: According to Part 2: The Town Crier Mark 1:2-8 In past years, before the advent of radio, TV and the internet, each town and village would have what was known as a Town Crier.  It was there job, come rain or shine, to stand in the public square and tell of the news happeningContinue reading “Mark: According to, The Town Crier”