The Final Word on Slaves Before We begin

The Romans did not deny their slaves all hope of freedom. The law provided for their manumission, or liberation, in various ways. Most commonly, the master took his slave before an official, in whose presence he turned the slave around and pronounced the longed-for words liber esto, “Be free,” and struck him with a rod.Continue reading “The Final Word on Slaves Before We begin”

The Letter

When I was in my early 20’s I used to eagerly visit the mailbox every day looking for a letter from my favorite gal, who later became my wife. We lived 120 miles apart and it was before the age of email and cell phone, so it was a special treat to open the mailbox and smellContinue reading “The Letter”

Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 3c

As if This Wasn’t Enough, Peter and Antioch Verses 9 and 10 of the second chapter of Galatians had closed with harmony having been established between Paul and Barnabas, and the Jerusalem council. The Jerusalem council and Christians had extended the right hand of fellowship to their new Gentile friends. One would hope that thisContinue reading “Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 3c”