Firday Sundown Worship: Joseph a Type of Christ

“How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?” (Genesis 39:9). There are special ways in which the story of Joseph foreshadows the life of Jeuss. First of all, we consider Joseph and his father.  JOseph was beloved son of his agesd father. Second, as with Joseph and his brethren, Jesus “came untoContinue reading “Firday Sundown Worship: Joseph a Type of Christ”

The Golden Candlestick and Sanctification

My morning Bible study was on the Golden Candlestick in the Old Testament Sanctuary. The golden candlestick was decorated with almonds. Why almonds? The word Almond in ancient Hebrew means to make haste and also has a second meaning have much zeal. These almonds were on the center stick and its six branches. In theContinue reading “The Golden Candlestick and Sanctification”

The Sanctuary: Israel’s Preparation for Service

The Sanctuary: Israel’s Preparation for Service Lesson 4 The First Passover Moses Given the Judgments and Reading them to Israel Deliverance “at Midnight” In the Mount of God “Out of Egypt the Selfsame Day” The Pattern Given to Moses The Song of Moses Exact and Minute Descriptions Given The First Pentecost A Shadow of ThingsContinue reading “The Sanctuary: Israel’s Preparation for Service”