ABC of Prayer: A Critical Spirit

A Critical Spirit It seems, we have all done it.  We say we love them and are friends of theirs and then criticize them, and a short time later pray for them.  Or the opposites happens when we pray for someone and then ten minutes later we point a figure at them in anger andContinue reading “ABC of Prayer: A Critical Spirit”

Midweek Devotional: Have You Felt Alone in a Crowd?

Have You Felt Alone in the Crowd By Kim Larsen Have you ever felt lonely even though you are surrounded by crowds of people? I get it! I recently finished a study about the prophet Elijah. I was examining the time in his life after the great victory over the prophets of Baal on MountContinue reading “Midweek Devotional: Have You Felt Alone in a Crowd?”

Peter The Disciple: part 13c

Christian Order and Fellowship Home, Society, and the Church Running like a thread that weaves the two books of Peter together is the theme of social interaction. Peter speaks both in general terms and specifically. In General terms, the Christian should be obedient to the authority of the government and the authority of the leadersContinue reading “Peter The Disciple: part 13c”