Victory Over Sin for All in Christ

Victory Over Sin for All in Christ Lesson 7 Romans 6:1-23 Paul has presented a forceful argument in the first 5 chapters of Romans. He has demonstrated that all (both Jews and Gentiles) have sinned (Romans 1:18-3:20) and that all may be justified by grace through faith (Romans 3:21-5:21). He demonstrated clearly and aggressively thatContinue reading “Victory Over Sin for All in Christ”

Adam or Christ

Will it be Adam Or Christ? Romans 5:12-21 One thing you never have to teach your children is how to sin! It seems to come naturally. Everyone does it, Thus we see Paul’s earlier conclusion in Romans 3:23 that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s ideal. In essence, since Adam fell, where thereContinue reading “Adam or Christ”

Rejoicing in Salvation

More Reasons to Rejoice Romans 5:6-11 Romans 5:5 spoke of the revelation of God’s love flooded into the believer’s heart by the Holy Spirit. Verses 6-8 explore the objective basis for that subjective experience as Gods love is expressed by the cross of Christ. The apostle’s argument can be summarized as follows: Human love, atContinue reading “Rejoicing in Salvation”