Zechariah: The Lord Remembers


An Introduction

The book, of Zechariah has intrigued me for some time. Zechariah’s grandfather is likely the same Iddo who is listed among the priests and Levites that returned from exile by permission of Cyrus in 537 BCE (B.C.). Therefore, he brought a priestly background and priestly associations to his service in the prophetic office. It is also understandable that his book shows an interest in the rebuilding of the temple and speaks of the importance of removing sinful defilement from the high priest and the entire land.

It is believed by some that Zechariah was very young at the time he came to Judah after the Israelites were released from captivity. What is interesting is that Zechariah’s ministry began about two months after Haggai (compare Zechariah 1:1 with Haggai 1:1).

There are two other sections of Zechariah’s book that has even more precise chronological reference than his initial section, being dated to the very day instead of just to the month. His series of eight-night visions took place on February 15, 519 BCE and the four prophetic messages of chapters 7 and 8 can be ascribed to December 7, 518 BCE, which I a little more than two years after the beginning of his ministry (7:1). However, as indicated above, it is likely that Zechariah’s ministry did not end then, but extended some years into the future, even though the latter section of his book contains no precise chronological information.

I hope you will enjoy this series.


Pastor Lester