Midweek Devotional: Whose Side Are You On?

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Whose Side Are You On?

By Kim Larsen

“He was a murder from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of it.”

Sin originated with him who was next to Christ, had been the most honored of God and who stood highest in power and glory among the inhabitants of heaven.  Before his fall, Lucifer was first of the covering cherubs, holy and undefiled.  So, what happened?

Pride! Pride in his own glory nourished the desire for supremacy.  He gloried in his brightness and exaltation and aspired to be equal with God.  It’s so hard to imagine, isn’t it? A created being who wanted to take the place of his master.

God in His great mercy had such patience with Lucifer.  It he had been willing to return to God acknowledging wisdom and could be satisfied to fill the place appointed him, he would have been reinstated.  He was to proud!  He defended his own course, He had no need for repentance.  It just blows my mind!  He pursued the course and now with his masterful deceptions convinced one-third of the angelic host that God was unjust and could not be trusted.  One-third of all the angels – we really don’t know how many that is, only that it was a whole lot!

God in his wisdom permitted Satan to carry forward his work until there was open revolt.  Now their true nature could be seen by all.  In His dealing with sin, God could employ only righteousness and truth.  Satan could use what God could not – flattery and deceit.  Satan made it seem as though he was seeking to promote the good of the universe.

If God would have just “took him out”, the angels would have served God from fear rather than from love.  The influence of the deceiver would not have been fully destroyed nor would the spirit of rebellion have been completely eradicated.  Evil must be permitted to come to maturity.  I know that was painful for our Heavenly Father.

Satan’s rebellion is a lesson to the universe through all ages, an ongoing testimony to the nature and result of sin.  Can you see it? Whose side are you on?

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Hi, I am Pastor Lester Bentley, a devoted husband, father, and Pastor for the Northeastern Wyoming District of the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. I am committed to the great gospel commission as stated in Matthew 28:19, 20.

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