Midweek Devotional: Never Alone

IMG_3252 (002)Never Alone

By Kim Larsen

Psalm 25:14, “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him. And He will show them His covenant.”

How is it that someone can be surrounded by people and yet be lonely? I see it in their eyes. I feel it myself sometimes. We almost feel it more intently when we are with people. We all like to feel included, a part of something. Someone once told me that they were going to a conference in another city. She was excited to be with like-minded people, all would have something in common and they could share ideas. When she walked into the room, she began looking for her nametag at her seat. She walked all around the table and could not find it, she walked around the room and found another table on the other side of the room and at the end she finally spotted her name. She sat down and waited for her group to arrive. The room filled up, the other tables were full, to her dismay apparently the other members of her table were absent. The meal began and conversations around the room had begun, and she was alone. Can’t you just feel for her? I think that we have all been in a position like that. The worst part it would seem was that no one noticed that she was by herself.

We can be sure that after an experience like this one that this person was more aware of someone else sitting by themselves. Jesus calls us to be a friend to the lonely. We need to be the kind of friend to give a listening ear when someone needs to talk. We need to be the arms of Jesus when someone needs a hug. We need to be the feet to go and visit someone who is shut in. The secret of the Lord is not a secret like you or I would have, but rather it is a real Hebrew phrase that was difficult to translate into our language. It portrays a tight knit group of intimate friends with unconditional trust, a company where weaknesses, strengths, successes and failures are shared. There’s no loneliness in a group like this. This means that we take off the mask and be transparent so intimacy can grow and our friendships are so deep that they aid us in our times of deepest need.

He will show them his covenant, His promise of love and commitment. Are you lonely? Jesus said in John 16:32 “You will leave me all alone, yet I am not alone, for My Father is with me.” Likewise we are not alone. We are part of God’s family. The Secret of the Lord.


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