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  2. I do have some questions that I need clarifications on. Please, on what grounds will a woman who divorced be allowed to remarry? Women who left abusive relationships and remarries, will they be accused of committing adultery? Is death the only legal separation God recognizes and the only ground for a woman to remarry?

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    • Hi Whitney,
      Thank you for submitting this question. Please continue to read to the end. In God’s plan at the garden of Eden, Marriage was to be for a lifetime. Sin, however, ruined all that. By the time Jesus walked upon the earth, the Jews were divorcing each other over the most trivial things. Jesus and his teaching at the sermon on the mount and Paul in his writing sought to bring Jew and Gentile back to the original plan. Jesus makes it clear that it was man who had begged for it and God finally allowed it. Paul and Peter continually tell wives to submit to their husbands, however we seldom read the rest of the passage to fully understand their intent for stating it (see Ephesians 5:22-33). As Paul states it, Wives are to submit to their husbands as they also submit themselves to Christ. Therefore, the real question becomes, what if the husband is not submitting himself to Christ? If the husband is not submitting himself to Christ, then does a woman have the right to divorce him? In the case that the husband becomes unfaithful, having an affair with other women or even men, then the answer is yes. But your question has to do with physical and perhaps mental abuse. The Bible does not give a definitive answer to that question. But here is my belief or understanding. Without endangering yourself, or children if they are involved, then if every opportunity available has been tried to remedy the situation, and a change in behavior has not happened, or happens for only a short period of time, for your protection, and the protection of any children, then yes, separate yourself from the source of abuse, including if necessary divorce.
      God wants the absolute best for us. He wants us to be happy and healthy Christians and when we live in an environment that is not healthy it affects our spiritual condition. Here comes the silver lining thinking. Even in bad situations there are lessons that we can learn that can help us or help others who are going through similar circumstances. As a Christian, our life experiences, whether good or bad can be used to help others who are going through similar experiences.
      God would like to see us all submit our will to His will, but the reality is that as long as we live on a sinful planet, that is not going to happen. God takes into account our situations and he is a fair and loving judge. Therefore I believe, God will take into account the conditions present that caused the divorce and thus in situations of abuse, or an affair, God will understand nor will he condemn.
      I hope this helps. Any further question on this, please email me at pastor.lester.bentley@gmail.com
      Pastor Lester


      • Yes, your response did help. I actually gave a similar response when asked but I wanted to be I was on track. I am so grateful for your kind response and thank you for the email as well. God bless you and more grace in expanding the kingdom of God.

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