Final Teaching in the Temple

Final Teaching In the TempleMark: According to

Part 62

Mark 12:35-37

Final Teaching in the Temple

It is the afternoon of the Third day of the week, our Tuesday afternoon. In three days Christ will be hung upon the cross, treated worse than a common criminal. Yet Jesus continued to teach in the temple, the people continued to flock around him and the scribes and Pharisees and other religious leaders continued their attempt to trip Him up.

Over the last few posts we have seen this exchange between the religious leaders and Jesus. We have seen how Jesus equated the nation of Israel to a Fig tree that failed to give forth her fruit and so was the blessings given upon that fig tree were removed and the tree withered and died.

After his answering of the question, “What is the Greatest Commandment” the religious leaders stopped questioning Jesus, but Jesus continued to talk and asked of them: 35 Then Jesus answered and said, while He taught in the temple, ‘How is it that the scribes say that the Christ is the Son of David? 36 For David himself said by the Holy Spirit: “The LORD said of my Lord, Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool.’”” 37 Therefore David himself called Him “Lord” how is He then his Son?” And the common people heard him gladly.

In the three synoptic Gospels, Mark is the only one that truly brings to light this above passage. The Scribes of Jesus time made it clear to the people that only one from the line of David could become the Messiah. So with Jesus above statement, Jesus was referring to himself as being the Messiah. So, how is all this possible since David is older than Christ and David had been in the grave for a few hundred years. Yet strangely David is referring to the fact that the Messiah is actually older than David himself. The implication by David is that he called the Messiah Lord which then made the Messiah older than David. This would not be possible unless the messiah would have existed prior to His incarnation on this earth as a Baby.

David, in talking about the Messiah is telling us that the Messiah was none other than the Son of God and that because of His coming He is none other than the Son of Man. This was the question Jesus posed before the Jewish leaders on that Tuesday afternoon.   As the Jewish religious leaders contemplated the question, they realized they could not answer the question without stating publicly that Jesus was indeed the true Messiah. By asking the question, Jesus brought the religious leaders face to face with the central idea of His mission to earth. It is the same question Jesus is asking of us today: “If we are faced with the same evidence of who Jesus is then we should be able to answer the same question asked by Jesus to the Pharisees of just who Jesus is. David, hundreds of years earlier even the little evidence before him realized that the Messiah was older yet would come into the world as a younger.

The Religious leaders discovered that it was useless to question Jesus further, for each dilemma which they confronted Him, He turned on them, and in so doing proved them ignorant of Scripture and incompetent to be the spiritual leaders of the people. In at least one other instance, Jesus confronted them with a question that embarrassed them for each attempt to discredit Jesus proved to be a boomerang, only causing embarrassment upon the person or group asking the question.

But with each question, the common people heard Him gladly and they believed in him.

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