Final Teaching in the Temple

Mark: According to Part 62 Mark 12:35-37 Final Teaching in the Temple It is the afternoon of the Third day of the week, our Tuesday afternoon. In three days Christ will be hung upon the cross, treated worse than a common criminal. Yet Jesus continued to teach in the temple, the people continued to flockContinue reading “Final Teaching in the Temple”

What is Greatness?

Mark: According to Part 47 Mark 9:33-37 What is Greatness? It seems, from the time we are born until we eventually fall asleep in death, we are struggling to establish ourselves. The focus of our existence is usually, am I better than the person next to me. Oh, sure there are those like mother TeresaContinue reading “What is Greatness?”

Who Am I

Mark: According to Part 41 Mark 8:27-30 Who Am I In our last post we left of with Jesus having just healed the blind man and telling him to keep quiet about the healing. This was partially because Jesus wanted to spend some time alone with his disciples. It was His desire to free theContinue reading “Who Am I”