Out of the Mouth of Babies

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Out of the Mouth of Babies

by  Kim Larsen

Matthew 11:25 “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to babes.”

I have a testimony to share with you this morning. I praise the Lord for his wise and wonderful ways. My husband and I have 3 children, a daughter who is married with three children and two sons who are still single. Our kids, although raised in church have chosen different paths. None of them attend church but our grandchildren are able to go with us sometimes and of course we are blessed to spend time with them just about every day. This past weekend our grandson who just had his 4th birthday last week came to have a sleep over. He was excited to come Celebrate his birthday with Papa and me! We had a really nice time, he’s getting so grown up, but as I sat with him during his Sabbath school class, I was surprised by some of his input into the story of Noah and the ark. He was spot on with his comments. Later that day he asked if he could play the Jesus game, an app that I have on my phone. It’s really just Bible stories for children. He was particularly interested in the Sampson and Delilah story this time. Since we don’t have Television for him to watch or wifi, I’m always amazed that he even wants to come to our house!

He asked some really good questions about Jesus and the Cross this weekend. I hesitated to talk about Jesus death before, I didn’t know if he would understand . Boy, was I wrong! He not only got it, but he shared it as soon as he got home. I got a text from my daughter . AJ drew a picture of a cross and said, “Hey Mom! This is the cross that Jesus died on… for our sins.” I held my breath for a minute. Uh oh , I wondered , is she going to be upset? No further comments.

I praise the Lord for this little boy , his picture and testimony speak volumes to his family. He influences them more than I ever did. You just never know how the Gospel is going to reach people….. especially our families ,the people who see us at our worst and seem to remember our shortcomings and remind us of them often! It’s really not what we say but how we live that matters the most.

I want to encourage you to share the truth, answer the questions whether the person is 4 or 94. Don’t judge, don’t preach… just answer the questions. God will take care of the rest.


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