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    • Hi Patrizia,
      The law has two purposes. This is a quick short answer, but it is a reflection of God’s character and it shows us alike a mirror where we fail live up to his Character (see James 1:22-25). But we are not saved by the Law, the keeping of the law comes because we love God (see John 14:15) We re saved by God’s grace which we accept by faith. God’s grace toward sinners results in His sacrifice for the remission of our sins. And by faith we accept this sacrifice, this saving grace and are then saved when we acknowledge our need by confessing out sins to God and to those we have wronged.
      Pastor Lester


      • Yes, I know that just read something that was new to me I forgot what. I do know that the love does no ever Saved and Salvation is a gift from the Lord. As we know Jesus came also because we could not but the Father wanted a blood Sacrifice so, He sent His Son to do that once for all. Am I correct? I do read Ebrew 11 at times.Thank you for your patience with me.


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