Haggai Living withLiving With a Kingdom Perspective

The remnant of Israel returns from captivity in Babylon.  They have all the materials and money necessary to rebuild the temple.  Yet many break down and cry.  They eat, yet are still hungry.  They work to save money but put it into bags with holes.  You are dressed well, but are unable to stay warm.

As a Christian, we are told to think and act with a kingdom perspective. Yet it seems we often fall short. Haggai, explains why it seems we struggle. He admonishes us to “carefully consider our ways” and by carefully examining ourselves, we eventually begin to see where we have fallen short of what God desires.

Why is this important? Because God desires to be with his earth children. Because, there is nothing more important for God than to dwell with us.

Beginning in mid-May we will begin to study this small but important book of the Old Testament in what will be a seven or eight part series, but might stretch out to ten to keep the posts shorter.  Listed below are the posts that are already published.

Introduction;    A Time to Rebuild;   Understanding the Problem part 1:

Understanding the problem part 2;   Consider Your Ways:  You Still Haven’t Learned:

The Lament of the Saints;   The Glory Delayed;   The Command to Move

It is my prayer that you will enjoy this series on Haggai.


Pastor Lester


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