Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1d

Why is Galatians Important Today? Why is Galatians important? Because it deals with issues that have been relevant to the Christian faith throughout the entire Christian era and through to our day. One of the issues that Galatians deals with is “Authority.” Believers in every age must decide on the foundation of theological decision making,Continue reading “Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1d”

Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1c

Major Themes in the book of Galatians As with all the book in the Bible, Galatians is broken into four themes or sections. Not only do the first two chapters explain the history, but they also service to establish apostolic authority. Chapters three and four explains the essential of our salvation. The final chapters, chaptersContinue reading “Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1c”

Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1b

A Look at the Letter Galatians falls into three districted sections and they are; history, theology, and ethics. Paul gives us a model on how to deal with these type of conditions that many churches face. That is to review the history and set the record of history straight. Until history is understood and theContinue reading “Galatians: Gospels in Conflict part 1b”