When Kinship and Ethnic Boundaries are Crossed Salvation Begins

“So Pharoah commanded all his people saying, ‘Every son who is born you shall cast into the river and every daughter you shall save alive.’ And his sister stood afar off, to know what would be done to him. But when she could no longer hide him, she took an ark of bulrushes for him,Continue reading “When Kinship and Ethnic Boundaries are Crossed Salvation Begins”

Joshua’s Error

Joshua, fresh off the victories at Jericho and Ai, reviewed and renewed the covenant with Israel.  Having learned a lesson at Ai, one would hope Joshua had learned his lesson.  At Jericho, Joshua let God be his commander in chief.  Fresh off this victory, he should have consulted God before his initial attack on Ai,Continue reading “Joshua’s Error”

Right On Target

The Prophet Amos, painted a vivid word picture, the circles of a target, Amos then paints a bullseye placing God’s church of the Old Testament at the heart of this prophetic target. Starting with Damascus, Amos paints seven rings of judgment then painted Israel as the bullseye. For each nation it says, “For three transgressionsContinue reading “Right On Target”