Romans: Salvation For All part 2a

Thematic Undercurrent: Conflict Between Jew and Gentiles Absolutely central to the understanding of Paul’s letter to the Romans is the conflict between the Jewish and Gentile Christians in Roman. The problems were creating a toxic situation that not only was causing tension in the church but made it an unstable base for Paul’s forthcoming missionContinue reading “Romans: Salvation For All part 2a”

Romans: Salvation for All part 1b

The Book’s Theological Themes When asked to describe the contribution of the letter to the Romans, the first thing that generally comes to mind of many people is theology, especially the Christian understanding of salvation. While that is true, it is important to remember that Romans is not a systematic theology that expresses all aspectsContinue reading “Romans: Salvation for All part 1b”

Romans: Salvation for All part 1a

Paul’s Letter to Rome Part 1a Bible scholars believe, and the Protestant Reformation confirms that the book of Romans is the most influential document in Christian history. I tend to add Galatians, James, and Hebrews to that list. With this in mind it is important to understand the book itself before we begin to examine itsContinue reading “Romans: Salvation for All part 1a”