Hearing and Speaking

speaking and hearing.jpgMark: According To

Part 37

Mark 7:31-37

Hearing and Speaking

31 Again, departing from the region of Tyre and Sidon, He came through the midst of the region of Decapolis to the Sea of Galilee.

Decapolis was the region in which Jesus had healed the demoniac just after Jesus and the disciples had crossed over the sea. At that time the demons from the demoniac went into the pigs, causing the pigs to run into the sea and drown. The former demoniac was not permitted to follow Jesus but was instructed to go back to his home and tell others what had happened. Jesus, as a result of this miracle was asked to leave, but now he has returned.

There were few Jews in the area, therefore Decapolis was primary a heathen land with the people having had little contact with Jesus or his teaching. But while Jesus had been away, the former demoniac had been spreading the good news of what Jesus had done for him. The witness of the changed life of the demoniac had won over the people.

32 Then they brought to him one who was deaf and had an impediment in his speech, and they begged Him to put His hand on him.

In an earlier story, a crippled man had begged his friends to bring him to Jesus. His friends in turn had to open the roof of Peter’s house, so that their friend could be healed. With this deaf man with a speech impediment, his friends brought him to Jesus. The difference being that the man lowered down through the roof knew about Jesus and wished to be made well, while this man having no previous association with Jesus or having heard Jesus speak was brought to Jesus by his friends. The similarities are that friends brought both men to Jesus. The similarities end there for the first man knew of Jesus but the second did not.

Why am I making a point about the difference between these two men brought to Jesus? The simple truth is that there are those that know of Jesus but are unable to come to Jesus without the aid of friends. But on the other hand there are those that have no knowledge of Jesus, and it is their friendship with those that do have knowledge that causes them to be brought to Jesus.

In all other instances it was the faith of the person that caused them to be healed from whatever affliction they had, but in this case it was not the person with the affliction that had faith, rather the faith of his friends that facilitated the healing.

For this man who was deaf with a speech impediment it would have been easy for him to run away, to for him to not understand what was about to happen. But because of the faith of his friends he remained and allowed Jesus to perform the miracle.

I just have to ask, so please forgive me for asking. Is it possible that all though this man was a heathen, and unable to hear and unable to speak, that there is a deeper spiritual lesson involved?

Verse 36 holds the key where it says, “Then he commanded them that they should tell no one; but the more He commanded them, the more widely they proclaimed it.”

When one has accepted Christ as your saviour, when Jesus had stepped in and changed your life. When you finally begin to hear and understand the gospel message is it possible to keep quiet? Is it possible to have your life changed and not shout the praises from the mountain top? I am in no way saying that this man was not made to hear and speak. But, hang with me here. When a person has been sick and they finally recover, do you not want to speak to others about how the doctors and nurses treated you and the wonderful things they did to aid in the your recovery. Then could it be possible that although he was unable to speak clearly before, that upon being healed he know became a mouth peace for the gospel message. Now that he was able to hear the words of Christ, is it possible that these ears that were previously closed to the gospel message were opened and upon opening his ears a message of hope so filled his life that he couldn’t possibly keep quiet.

The whole region had wanted Jesus to leave but the testimony of a demoniac’s changed life, had opened the area to now accept Jesus and with each new miracle, each new heart that was changed, God used them to further the message of the gospel.

My friends, do we want to see the communities we live in change for the better? Of course, we do, but it happens one person at a time when we bring others to Christ, allowing Jesus to open the ears of the deaf so that they can hear the gospel message preached and taught by the words and actions of all God’s faithful children. Then like Decapolis, the communities will be changed. Those that have turned a deaf ear the gospel, they will be led by us to the throne of Grace which is waiting to impart rich blessings upon all those that come to the Father seeking rest and healing. Then they will begin to speak to others in a clear voice, ringing out across the land the wonderful things, that God has done and will do for all who by faith accept him.

My friends, does our life draw others or Christ. Does the way we speak, and act show to the world how wonderful life in Christ can be. If not, then I invite you to accept Christ as your Saviour.


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