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  6. Thank you, I just want to say that the reason, one of the reasons for all these troubles for the Jews were caused in a large part by their disobedience. am I I correct? And not being grateful.


    • Patrizia,
      It is all about choices, when we choose God and His ways, then He will protect us. When we don’t then He withdraws out protection. So the question becomes, why does bad things happen to good people. Because we live in a sinful world and as we see in the story of Job even the faithful followers of God can sometimes become tested, not by God but by Satan.
      When our choices take us out of partnership of God, then our choices force him to step away, for he cannot coexist were sin is present.
      More often than not Israel chose to follow their own desires and not God’s desire for them. Their choices resulted in their moving away from God.

      Pastor Lester

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