On April 3rd, 2017 The Bible in Your Hand began a series on the book of Obadiah.  This series will run twice a week with posts being made on Mondays and Thursdays.  Links to older posts will be found here.  I hope you will enjoy.

Obadiah: It Is Only 21 Verses:

Opening Post

The Battle Within: The Battle Begins;         The Battle Continues;

Deceit, Hatred, and the Thirst for Revenge;       A Happy Reunion?;  

The Vision: The Wheat and the Tares;      Edom’s First Sin: Part I;  

Edom’s First Sin: Part II;     Edom’s Second Sin;  Edom’s Third Sin; 

Edom’s Fourth Sin;     Pride Comes Before the Fall; 

Upon Mount Zion, Israel’s Final Triumph

As this series is complete, you can read all the different posts on Obadiah by clicking the links above.  Thank you for reading.


Pastor Lester

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