Peter: The Disciple part 9c

Be What You Are II Peter 1:8-11 These verses go to the heart of the Christian experience and raises the issue of the real difference that being a Christians should make in the life of a believer. Peter has just listed that we saw in our last post, that being the progression in Christian virtueContinue reading “Peter: The Disciple part 9c”

Peter: The Disciple part 9b

Then, what is the goal of Christian Virtue? II Peter 1:5-7 Virtue is a word we do not often use. Dating myself a little here, but I remember as a young person growing up, virtue was talked about quite a bit. He is a virtues young man or woman. By his virtue, you can tellContinue reading “Peter: The Disciple part 9b”

Peter: The Disciple part 9a

Making One’s Calling and Election Sure II Peter 1:1-15 I have heard Politian’s say, “I was called to run for office, was elected and now, here I am.” Is this what Peter is referring to when he says, Ones Calling and Election? As we begin to explore II Peter, the primary theme of suffering thatContinue reading “Peter: The Disciple part 9a”