Journey Through the Bible

Bible in Shape of Heart


Welcome to A Journey Through the Bible.  As content is added you will find links to the archived documents that have been written.  With there being 66 books in the Bible it will take a while to get through this. Also this is not necessarily something that will be updated every day.  As I study a book of the Bible, I will write down my thoughts and impressions that have been gained during the study.  Sometimes it may be just a few words on a text or chapter.  Other times it could be several pages on a particular passage.  I Hope you will enjoy.  One additional note, newer posts will be at the top with older posts at the bottom.

I hope you will enjoy.

Old Testament New Testament
Genesis Ezra Joel Matthew I Timothy
Exodus Nehemiah Amos Mark II Timothy
Leviticus Esther Obadiah Luke Titus
Numbers Job Jonah John Philemon
Deuteronomy Psalm Micah Acts Hebrews
Joshua Proverbs Nahum Romans James
Judges Ecclesiastes Habakkuk I Corinthians I Peter
Ruth Song of Solomon Zephaniah II Corinthians II Peter
I Samuel Isaiah Haggai Galatians I John
II Samuel Jeremiah Zechariah Ephesians II John
I Kings Lamentations Malachi Philippians III John
II Kings Ezekiel Colossians Jude
I Chronicles Daniel I Thessalonians Revelation
II Chronicles Hosea II Thessalonians

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