Romans: Salvation for All

Victory Over Sin for All in ChristVictory Over Sin for All in ChristOctober 7th, 2017

Over the next 13 weeks we will explore the book of Romans.  As with Peter and Galatians posts will be made on Saturday Morning and Sunday Morning with some posts coming Saturday mid afternoon or early evening.

I hope you will enjoy the series.  The titles of each study will be posted below as the series is completed.


Pastor Lester

Romans Salvation For All

1) Paul’s Letter to Rome:
Why Did Paul Write to the Romans
The Books Theological Themes

2)  Thematic Undercurrent: Conflict Between Jew and Gentile
Founding and History of the Church in Rome
The Conflict and Structure of Romans
A Conflict That Transcends The Book of Romans
The Relevance of Romans for Twenty-first Century Christians

3)  All Have Sinned
Nasty Gentile Sinners
The Sins of the Churchly Types
The Whole World Is Guilty

4)  All are Justified By Faith
The Important “But Now”
The Absolutely Crucial “All”

5)  The Faith of Abraham: Father of Us All
Old Testament Proof of Justification By Faith
Abraham Father of Us All

6)  The Curse of Adam and the Blessing of Christ
The Fruits of Justification The Fruits of Justification
More Reasons to Rejoice
Will it be Adam or Christ

7)  Victory over Sin For All In Christ
Question 1
Question 2

8) The Law in Romans 7: Uses and Misuses
Dead to the Law and Alive in Christ
How the Law Kills
The Problem is not the Law but Sin

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