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MarkOf the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, each has a unique flavor and style.  Each gives us a different impression or thought on the life, ministry of Jesus and his followers.  Luke, a Doctor, and Historian, perhaps gives us the best historical data on the early church along with the life of Christ.

John, well there is none other like it because John had a unique relationship with Jesus.  Jesus even entrusted the care of His mother to John.  John was concerned with establishing and for us to understand the Divinity of Christ.

Matthew, not part of the inner circle of disciples, but wrote about the kingdom of heaven and its significance and how Jesus was heir to the throne of David. He also gives us the best account of the greatest sermon ever preached, the sermon on the mount which takes up three complete chapters.

The smallest and yet the closest to chronological is the gospel of Mark which the original manuscripts do not say gospel, only According to Mark. Interestingly enough Mark was just a young child when Jesus was crucified.  The gospel that he wrote is actually the gospel account of as narrated to him by the most outspoken and brash of all the disciples, Peter.  This gives Mark’s gospel a unique perspective and interestingly enough teaches us that Jesus took on the form of a servant, not a king during his earthly ministry and he taught that his true followers would also be servant leaders.

For the next few weeks and four times a week, we will explore this wonderful little gospel According to Mark.

I hope you will enjoy this little exploration into what I have come to see an under appreciated gospel.


Pastor Lester

The Posts will be listed below as they published each day.  Thanks once again for each of you that take time out of your busy lives visit each day to read my blog.

Part 1: The Crier                                       
Part 2: The Town Crier                             
Part 3: A Message With Simplicity            
Part 4: The Baptism of the Servant           
Part 5: The Temptation of Christ               
Part 6: Beginning to Change the focus 
Part 7: Follow Me                                      
Part 8: I Know Who You are                     
Part 9: The Fever of Sin
Part 10: Where is the Source of Power

Part 11: Leprosy as Sin
Part 12: When the Roof was Opened
Part 13: Easting with Sinners
Part 14: Fasting and Traditions
Part 15: Lord of the Sabbath
Part 16: Grasping For the Gospel
Part 17: Jealousy, Hatred and Plottings
Part 18: Prayer For The Chosen
Part 19: House Divided
Part 20: The Battle Between Family and Ministry

Part 21: The Reckless Farmer
Part 22: Hide It under a Bushel NO!
Part 23: The Mystery of the Gospel
Part 24: The Insignificance of a Mustard Seek
Part 25: Faith Through Wind and Waves
Part 26: The Power of One Witness
Part 27: The Book Ends of Faith
Part 28: The Other Book End of Faith
Part 29: Rejection
Part 30: He Sent Twelve

Part 31: The Cost of the Gospel
Part 32: Twelve Baskets of Leftovers
Part 33: Walking on Water
Part 34: Why Do You Seek Him
Part 35: Defilement Comes From Within Part a
Part 35: Defilement Comes From Within Part b
Part 36: Crumbs for the Dogs
Part 37: Hearing and Speaking
Part 38: I have Compassion For The Multitudes
Part 39: Seeking A Sign and Leaven
Part 40: Two Stages of Sight

Part 41: Who Am I
Part 42: Predictions and Being Right With God
Part 43: Cost of Discipleship
Part 44: This is My Beloved Son
Part 45: Help My Unbelief
Part 46: Death and Resurrection
Part 47: What is Greatness?Part 47: What is Greatness?
Part 48: Sectarianism
Part 49: Tasteless Salt is Worthless
Part 50: Marriage and Divorce

Part 51: Blessed by the Little Children
Part 52: The Eye of the Needle
Part 53: Going to Jerusalem
Part 54: Bartimaeus
Part 55: The Triumphal Entry
Part 56: The Curse of the Fig Tree
Part 57: Asking and Receiving
Part 58: By What Authority
Part 59: Taxes and Death part 1
Part 60: Taxes and Death part 2

Part 61: The Greatest Commandment
Part 62: Final Teaching at the Temple
Part 63: The Greatness of The Widow
Part 64: Jesus’ Message of Warning
Part 65: The Feast at Simon’s House
Part 66: The Passover
Part 67: Peter and Jesus
Part 68: Jesus in the Garden
Part 69: Judas the Betrayer
Part 70: Before the Sanhedrin

Part 71: Peter Oh Peter
Part 72: Peter and Judas
Part 73: Before Pilate and Barabbas
Part 74: Crucify Him
Part 75: My God My God Why?
Part 76: In a Borrowed Tomb
Part 77: He is Risen!
Part 78: By Seeing They Will Believe
Part 79: The Great Commission
Part 80: Ascending to the Right Hand of God


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